Apple Mac Studio 2022 M1 Max 24-Core GPU 64GB RAM 2TB SSD + Apple Warranty

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Apple Mac Studio 2022 | M1 Max | 24-Core GPU | 64GB RAM | 2TB SSD + Apple Limited Warranty


Choosing Techable means choosing sustainability. Each time you opt for our devices, you're not only investing in top-tier technology but also actively contributing to reducing electronic waste. By extending the life of these devices, we step collectively towards a greener tomorrow. Thank you for joining us in this meaningful journey.

Device Overview:

Welcome to the future of desktop computing. The Apple Mac Studio 2022, with its M1 Max chip, is a testament to what's possible when power meets precision engineering. This compact powerhouse delivers unmatched performance for professional workflows, advanced graphics, and groundbreaking efficiency.

Product Specs:

Processor: Embedded with Apple's M1 Max chip, the Mac Studio handles intensive applications and multitasking like a breeze.

Graphics: A jaw-dropping 24-Core GPU ensures every visual is rendered to perfection, catering to designers, filmmakers, and professionals.

RAM/Memory: 64GB of unified memory ensures smooth operations, even with the most demanding tasks.

Storage: A rapid and reliable 2TB SSD offers ample space for all your software, projects, and multimedia.

Compact Design: While it's packed with power, the Mac Studio 2022 maintains a compact design, making it an elegant addition to any workspace.


This stunning Apple Mac Studio 2022 embodies the signature sleek design and top-notch functionality Apple is renowned for. Every detail, every corner, speaks of precision and premium quality.

The Techable Difference:

Being a part of the Techable family means exceptional quality, every single time. Our promise to you includes:

A 90-Day SafeTech Warranty, with the option to extend up to three years.

Confidence in knowing each device meets our rigorous standards of excellence.

Access to our lifetime tech support, ensuring your queries never go unanswered.

Dive into the Techable experience. Opt for the Apple Mac Studio 2022 and redefine what's possible in your creative and professional endeavors. Together, let's champion both top-tier tech and a more eco-conscious world.

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Apple Mac Studio M1 Max
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