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Search any Macs serial number or model identifier. Decode to learn about any Apple Serial Number.




Techable’s Apple Serial Number Lookup tool allows you to access all tech specs and model information about any Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone, iMac, Macbook Air, or other Apple device.  Use our Apple Database with 800+ Apple Devices.

Our database is designed with full specs, market pricing guides, a free listing creator, and FAQ sections. You can search any Mac by Serial Number, Model Number, or part number.  


Techable's Mac Apple Serial Number Lookup

Are you thinking about buying or selling a Macbook Pro, Air, iPad, or other Apple device?  If so, you may be curious about what the Apple serial number means and how you can use a Mac's serial number to identify your device's tech specs and learn the important details about your Mac.

We've been selling Apple refurbished Macbook Pro and Air business for nearly a decade and we know our Macs. Over that time, we've learned a few things about Macs and their serial numbers.

Techable's Mac serial number lookup can help you to solve issues with your device whether you need a part or a new machine. Looking for a part for your Mac? Our Apple database was cataloged every Apple product to help you research models, prices, and specs before buying or selling your used Macbook Pro, Air, iPhone, or iPad. Apple Serial Number Lookup

Over the years we learned there is a lot of deception being used across many online markets. It was then we realized there should be a better way. A more trusted tech marketplace that provided information rather than confusion techniques.

Using our serial number lookup you can find  Macbook, iPad, or iPhone specs, details, and value using our “Techstimate Pricing Guide”. Our goal, a transparent Mac world. With our state of the art Apple Serial Number lookup tool, you can learn all about the history of any Mac, see the trending prices, to make educated buying and selling decisions based on the facts. For more Apple serial number info please see our article on how to Decode Apple Serial Numbers.

How do I decode an Apple serial number?

Understanding how an Apple serial number is written is very important in being able to decode the serial number. Read this article for full details on how to break down an Apple serial number. Serial number decoding is processed through breaking down a serial number into various sections can identify a devices location, original manufacture date, and technical specs.

Alternatively, Techable also allows users to search for any Mac by model number or identifier. You can input any Apple Model Identifier in the search field to find any device. This can help people who are in the market to buy a Macbook, iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device.

We created the serial number decoder can help consumers who are interested in repairing your device and need parts from a specific model.Our MacBook pro serial number lookup, iMac serial number lookup, iPad serial number lookup, and iPhone serial number lookup can help you research and learn before buying a new device.

What can I learn from the Apple Serial Number Lookup?

Techable’s marketplace was created as an easier way to research, buy, and sell Apple Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPad, iMac, Mac Mini, and other tech devices. We started selling our devices over a year ago on platforms like eBay and Amazon. Over this time, we have fount that there is a lot of confusion and misrepresentation in the Apple market. We decided to change that. Our Apple serial number lookup tool with full Apple database has been refined to show users a true market value and give users full technical specs of their Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iMac, Mac Mini, and other Apple devices.

Techable want to provide a better way to research Apple products and put an end to the misrepresentation found on eBay and other e-commerce platforms. Through transparency and a focus on customer service Techable serves as a better way to research, buy, and sell Macs!

Why do we focus on Apple Products? was created by owner Jon Brax after nearly a decade in the refurbished Apple Macbook industry. Over the years selling in refurbished Mac industry is muddled with scammers and people misrepresenting Macs to unknowing customers. 

Techable was created to end the confusion in the industry.Techable's Mac serial number decoder allow users to learn about any Apple device, it's model information and specs and market value to help make an educated decision when buying or selling a Mac. created a transparent marketplace for users who don't want to spend a premium priced on a used Mac while getting a quality, refurbished Mac. We provide live tech support for all of our customers and have partnered with to provide an aftermarket Apple warranty at an affordable price. 

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