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Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation 2014 Specs

iPod touch - MGG82LL/A - iPod5,1 - A1421

About This iPod

The iPod touch comes with a full face multi-touch screen. It does not have the scroll wheels that are common with the old versions of the iPod which gives it the look of a futuristic device and allows it to revolutionize the portable music device industry. Some of the capabilities of this device include – Wi-Fi support, the ability to store photos and videos apart from just songs and be able to playback. Its battery was able to support 40 hours of music playback and about 8 hours of video playback. There is no FireWire support in this version as Apple chose to use a lighting connector for both charging and data transfer. A larger driving force for the device was the Apple app store which allowed developers to put their apps on the device.

Storage & Memory

The iPod touch runs on a 512 MB RAM and has versions that came with 16 GB of storage space and can take an estimated – 3500 songs/20,000 photos.

    Screen Size and Resolution

    The iPod touch comes with a 4-inch color display with 1136×640 (326 ppi) native resolution. The screen features multi-touch capability which allowed users to use more than one finger to interact with the screen.

      OS & Processor


      The iPod touch has iPhone OS 7.1.2 pre-installed and is powered by a 1.0 GHz Apple A5 processor.




      The iPod touch comes with a Lithium Ion battery that provides up to 40 hours of music playback. This is an inflated amount which does not reflect the time use if you are using applications or anything to do with the screen. The 40 hours of use only applies to music playback.




      The iPod touch comes with USB data transfer and charging support and an audio out via a headphone jack. Through its dock support, it can perform a video out but only using an Apple lightning cable or any connecting device that has an “Apple Authentication ” chip included.

      1.0 GHz Apple A5

      512 MB

      16 GB

      40 Hours


      The iPod touch operating system can be upgraded from the pre-installed iPhone OS 7.1.2 to iPhone OS 9.x. Unfortunately, like most other portable devices, no physical upgrades are possible and thus all improvements are made via software.


      Introduction Date: June 26, 2014

      Discontinued Date: July 15, 2015




      1 (2 Cores)

      Onboard RAM

      512 MB

      Processor Speed

      1.0 GHz


      Processor Type

      Apple A5


      16 GB

      Connectivity Details

      Song Capacity


      USB Support

      Sync & Charge

      Photo Capacity


      FireWire Support



      Standard Wireless


      Case Type


      Standard Bluetooth


      Form Factor

      iPod touch 5th Gen

      Cell Network


      Housing Color


      Battery Details



      Battery Type

      Lithium Ion

      Apple Order Number


      Battery Life

      40 hours (Music)

      Apple Subfamily

      5th Gen

      Stand by Time


      Apple Model Number

      A1421 (EMC 2600)

      Operating System and Display

      Model ID

      iPod 5.1

      Pre-installed OS

      iOS 7.1.2


      5 Megapixels

      Maximum OS

      iOS 9.x


      4.86in x 2.31in x 0.24in

      Built-in Display

      4 inch Color

      Average Weight

      3.10 oz. (88 g)

      Display Resolution

      1136×640 (326 ppi)

      Mac Support

      Mac OS X 10.6.8

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