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Easily Create a Listing for eBay or your Website.


We make it easy to create a stunning free HTML listing for your Apple Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone, iMac, or other Apple product. Our HTML listing tool allows you to create a beautiful Apple product page with just a serial number.

Simply enter your serial number and we’ll generate you an HTML code that you can easily paste on your website or eBay listing.

How To Use This HTML Code on eBay



To use this code to create a listing on eBay highlight and copy (command + C on Macs) the HTML code and paste it into the HTML tab in your “additional item description” section.


 Listing Apple Macbook Pro


You can now click the “standard” tab at the top of the page and you can see your listing’s design. After adding any other details you’re all set and can publish your listing. You should now have a professional eBay listing for your Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone, or other Apple device.

Macbook Pro Listing



Use HTML for Your Website


We make it easy to use HTML on your WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Open-Cart, Shopify, or any other platform that accepts HTML code.  Simply copy the HTML code anywhere and paste the HTML code in any text box and it will transform into a listing. You can edit your listing to create the perfect product page with ease. 

Macbook Listing HTML WordPress



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