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Apple Watch Series 3 Aluminium "38 mm" GPS Specs

Apple Watch Series 3 - MQKU2LL/A - Watch3,3 - A1858

About This Watch

The Apple Watch Series 3 is almost identical in its shape and form to its predecessors but has been fitted with upgraded and more powerful internals. Whilst the battery and many other components stayed the same, the most notable upgrades are the new Apple S3 processor and the ability for certain watches to be connected to a 3G network. This allows for the watches to be fully functional without needing to be tethered to an iPhone. This functionality is not present in the GPS only variants but is present on the cellular variants. The watches function off a partnered SIM card which needs to be purchased with the same mobile carrier as your phone. 

Storage & Memory

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with 768 MB of RAM and 8 GB of memory. Apple has not released official specifications on song and photo storage capacities.

    Screen Size and Resolution

    This Apple Watch Series 3 has a 38 mm sized OLED display with a resolution of 272×340. This display is force touch capable and also has a water resistance protection of an estimated 50 meters.

      Inclusive Features

      The Apple Watch includes the following features:

      • Force touch OLED display.
      • Digital crown control piece.
      • Multiple wristband units.
      • Heart-rate monitor.
      • Emergency heart-rate detection.
      • Wireless Charging.
      • Bluetooth.
      • Water resistant.
      • GPS tracker.


        The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with the newly introduced Apple watchOS 4 for its operating system. It is also powered by a dual-core Apple S3 processor. Apple has not released processing speeds for this processor.



        The Apple Watch Series 3 battery is expected to go for up to 18 hours overall but specifically 3 hours of talk time, 10 hours of audio and up to 5 hours of working out while using GPS. There is no improvement from the Apple Watch 2 on battery life.

        Apple S3

        768 MB

        8 GB Flash Storage

        18 Hours

        Introduction Date: September 12, 2017

        Discontinued Date: N/A




        1 (2 cores)

        Onboard RAM

        768 MB

        Processor Speed



        Processor Type

        Apple S3


        8 GB

        Connectivity Details

        Song Capacity


        USB Support


        Photo Capacity


        FireWire Support



        Standard Wireless


        Case Type


        Standard Bluetooth


        Form Factor

        Apple Watch Series 3 (38 mm)

        Cell Network


        Housing Color


        Battery Details


        Digital Crown

        Battery Type

        Lithium Ion

        Apple Order Number


        Battery Life

        3 – 18 hours

        Apple Subfamily

        Watch Series 3 38mm

        Standby Time


        Apple Model Number

        A1858 (EMC 3165)

        Operating System and Display

        Model ID

        Watch 3.3

        Pre-installed OS

        WatchOS 4



        Maximum OS

        Current OS



        Built-in Display

        1.5 LCD

        Average Weight

        0.94 oz. (26.7g)

        Display Resolution


        Minimum iPhone Support

        iPhone 5

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