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Certified Refurbished Macbook Pro 13-inch models

Looking for a great deal on a used or refurbished Macbook Pro 13" model? Techable has built-to-order refurbished Macs that allow you to configure you're RAM and drive to your liking! We have warranty options for all refurbished Macbook Pro. Please see some features below. 

  • 90-Day Hardware Warranty Included (1 - 3 Year Warranties Available)

  • Battery and Charger Included

  • Tested and Refurbished

  • Free FedEx Ground Shipping

The 13-inch Macbook Pro is perfect for those professionals that are on the go and need a powerful computer to meet the demands of their busy lifestyle. Techable sells the 13" Macbook Pro refurbished in a variety of models, including Retina Display and Glossy Display. We have some used 13-inch Macbook Pro with all of the ports you need and some with USB-C technology that can be turned into any port.

The Refurbished Macbook Pro we sell comes in Intel Core 2 Duo, i5, and i7 processors. You can configure the RAM and Drive to your liking.