Apple Macbook Pro 13" 2.5GHz - 3.1GHz Core i5 16GB RAM 1TB SSHD Mojave

Apple Macbook Pro 13" 2.5GHz - 3.1GHz Core i5 16GB RAM 1TB SSHD Mojave

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You save: $100.00

Apple Macbook Pro 13" 2.5GHz - 3.1GHz Core i5 16GB RAM 1TB SSHD Mojave

You save: $100.00
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About This Mac


The top-selling Macbook Pro of all time. This Mac was so popular Apple sold it for four years from 2012 until 2016! This Mac marks the end of the Jobs era Macbook Pro. 

This Apple Macbook Pro 13" is built-to-order / customizable Macs with a 2.5Ghz - 3.1Ghz (turbo-boost) i5 processor is a great everyday Mac perfect for work or school. These Macs have been upgraded to 16GB RAM and a 1TB SSHD. 
This Mac features USB 3.0 for fast data transfers and backups. It's easy to use with no dongles necessary- it has all the right ports built right in! 
Each Mac is fully inspected and upgraded once the order is placed. Each Mac comes with an Authentic Magsafe Power source with 6 ft extension cable. 


  • 2.5GHz i5 TURBO-BOOST 3.1GHz
  • Model: MD101LL/A - BTO / CTO
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive
  • SuperDrive - CD/ DVD RW
  • USB 3.0 X 2
  • SD Card Reader
  • FireWire
  • Thunderbolt
  • CD / DVD RW
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • MagSafe 60w OEM 
  • 6Ft Excension for MagSafe Charger
  • 90-Day SafeTech Warranty (Upgradable Above)


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 Have a question or issue? We provide LIVE tech support with you to get your Mac up and running. You have the Mac specialist at your disposal. 
 This Mac comes with a 90-Day SafeTech Warranty. It's eligible for up to 3-Years w/ Accidental Coverage!