Apple iMac 27-Inch “Core i5” 3.3 (5K, 2020) Specs

iMac20,1 – MXWU2LL/A – A2115


About this Apple iMac

Apple officially launched the MXWU2LL/A 5K iMac 27-Inch Core i5 model on August 4, 2020. It is pretty similar to the base model. However, it comes with a faster processor and more storage space. This 2020 iMac model is packed with several upgradeable features. You will find True Tone compatibility and nano-texture surface technology in this model. It is something not present in the previous iMac models.

This iMac has Intel’s 14 nm Comet Lake processor that provides up to 3.3 GHz processing speed. The default RAM is 8 GB with 512 internal storage capacity. The integrated GPU of this model is Radeon Pro 5300 graphics processor with 4 GB video memory to store data for display. This model’s built-in T2 chip provides enhanced security. 

Apple introduced a larger screen in these iMac modes. It has a 27-Inch Retina 5K DCI-P3 display with LED-backlit, IPS, and True Tone support. A 1080p FaceTime HD webcam is also installed in this iMac with an image signal processor for improved video quality. The studio-quality three-mic array of this model lets them hear you and record clear audio with less noise. This model also features stereo speakers for dynamic sounds.

The connectivity options of this iMac are 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n backward compatible), and Bluetooth 5.0 standard. It can also be upgradable to 10-Gigabit Ethernet at the time of purchase. Apple Magic Keyboard and the multi-touch Magic Mouse 2 are also present in the box of this iMac. This model is also a tapered-edge iMac with an aluminum design body, thicker in the middle, and tapers to a razor-thin 5 mm at the edges.

This iMac model’s RAM can be upgraded up to 128 GB, and the storage can be up to 2 TB SSD. The OS also supports the current version of macOS Ventura. Furthermore, the standard keyboard can be replaced with a Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad. You can also upgrade the default mouse to Magic Trackpad 2. The Operating System of the iMac can also be upgraded from its pre-installed Mac OS X 10.15.6 up to the current MacOS X.


3.3 GHz Core i5 (I5-10600)


8 GB


512 GB SSD

Battery Life


Storage & Memory

The iMac 27-Inch 2020 model has an 8 GB of 2666 MHz DDR4 SD RAM that can be upgraded to 128 GB. The standard internal storage is a 512 GB SSD that is upgradeable up to 2 TB.

Screen Size and Resolution

It has a 27-Inch widescreen display. It is a 5K Retina display (16:9) with a display resolution of 5120 x 2880. The display also supports True Tone technology. It is equipped with IPS technology for faster response times, wider viewing angles, and better color contrast. Apple claims this model’s display provides four times more pixels than the standard 27-inch iMac and 67 percent more pixels than a 4K display.

OS & Processor

The high performance of this iMac is powered by Intel’s 3.3 GHz core i5 Comet Lake chip (I5-10600). It features six independent cores for supporting parallel processing. Every processor core has a dedicated 256k level 2 cache and 12 MB of shared level 3 cache memories. An integrated memory controller (dual channel) is also installed for better memory management. It also has a T2 security chip. This model also supports Turbo Boost to reach up to 4.8 GHz speed. The Radeon Pro 5300 graphics processor features 4 GB GDDR6 video memory. This iMac comes with the pre-installed operating system macOS X 10.15.6 (19G2005). This iMac is fully compatible with macOS Catalina and Big Sur. It also supports the final version of macOS Monterey (macOS 12) but does not support minor Spatial Audio, Portrait Mode, 3D Landmarks, and Interactive Globe features. It is fully compatible with the current macOS, macOS Ventura (macOS 13), except for the minor Live Captions in FaceTime, Emoji Dictation, and Reference Mode with Sidecar features.


The battery provides continuous playback depending on the playback type so that it can run audio playback for about 65 hours, video for about 17 hours, and video stream for about 10 hours. It takes just 30 minutes to charge the battery to 50% of its capacity and also supports wireless charging; hence, the user can avoid battery shortage situations.


This iMac model’s RAM can be upgraded up to 128 GB, and the storage can be up to 2 TB SSD. The OS also supports the current version of macOS Ventura. Furthermore, the standard keyboard can be replaced with a Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad. You can also upgrade the default mouse to Magic Trackpad 2.

Inclusive Features

  • Comet Lake Core i5 processor
  • Six independent cores
  • 3.3 GHz processing speed
  • Turbo Boost support
  • Radeon Pro 5300 graphics processor
  • 8 GB RAM (upgradeable)
  • 512 GB SSD storage (upgradeable)
  • T2 security chip
  • 27-Inch Retina 5K display 
  • 5120 x 2880 display resolution
  • 500 nits brightness
  • True Tone and nano-texture surface capability
  • 1080p FaceTime HD webcam
  • Bundle of connectivity options
  • Shipped with mouse and keyboard
  • Elegant aluminum design


Introduced: August 4, 2020

Discontinued: March 8, 2022

Screen Size and Resolution


Screen Size

27″ 16:9 Widescreen

Level 1 Cache

32k/32k x6



Level 2/Level 3 Cache

256k x6, 12 MB


RAM Type

PC4-21300 DDR4


1 (6 Cores)

Min. RAM Speed

2666 MHz



Standard RAM

8 GB


3.3 GHz

Maximum RAM

128 GB


Core i5 (I5-10600)

RAM Slots


Processor Upgrade

LGA 1200

Motherboard RAM





System Bus Speed

8 GT/s

Video Card

Radeon Pro 5300

Cache Bus Speed

3.3 GHz (Built-in)





Standard VRAM

4 GB

EFI Architecture


Maximum VRAM

4 GB


Inclusive Features and Ports

Standard Storage

512 GB SSD

Standard Optical Drive


Storage Speed


Standard Ethernet


Storage Dimensions


Standard Modem


Storage Interface


Standard Air Port



Standard Bluetooth




USB Port 3.0

4 (3.0)

Battery Life


Thunderbolt Ports




Magic Keyboard

Case Type


Inclusive Input

Magic Mouse 2

Form Factor

27″ iMac Tapered Edge

S-Video Output


Apple Order No



1 (Built-in)

Apple Subfamily

Retina 5K, 27-Inch, 2020



Apple Model Number

A2115 (EMC 3442)

Sound Out


Model ID


Power Adapter


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