Collection: Certified Refurbished

Each Renewed product undergoes our four step system when being refurbished.

  • Step 1

    Initial Inspection

  • Step 2

    Visual Inspection

  • Step 3

    Hardware Functionality Test

  • Step 4

    Data Sanitationand New OS Installation

Every Certified Renew device is:

  • Protected with Warranty
  • Fully Tested and Restored
  • Cleaned with Care
  • Quality control assured
  • Visually Inspected
  • Comes with Tech Support

Cleaned with Care

Each device is professionally cleaned to perfection. We wipe all data securely and install a clean operating system. Each device is given a thorough external cleaning to ensure your satisfaction.

Visual Inspection

Our visual inspection consists of a 34-step process. Our techs will ensure each device is listed in the correct condition and assign it a grade (ie. fair, good, great, excellent)

Hardware Inspection

Each component is fully tested to ensure everything works as it should. These tests include:

Storage, Memory, Microphone, Speakers, Keyboard, Components and Sensors, Battery life, And more!


Once in a while, we find something fails our testing process. When a product fails, we often send it to our vendor “Monster Macs”.

Shipped with Care

After our equipment passes it’s ready for shipment. We use state of the art inflatables to make sure your device makes it to you safely

Buy Smarter. Buy Renewed.

Buy your next device renewed. Refurbished products help
cut down on unnecessary landfill waste and cost a fraction of new.

  • Free Shipping to the Contiguous United States

  • Tested & Refurbished by Certified Technicians

  • Hassle-Free Return Policy Free Hardware Warranty

  • Highest Rated Company in the Industry!