Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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List price: $49.99
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block uv light glassesUV Blue light blocking glasses

What is Blue Light?

Contrary to UV light, blue light is emitted all around us, every day — both indoors and outdoors, from the screens on our digital device to the sun as the biggest source. Extended exposure may cause eye damage and discomfort, but don’t worry! With our blue light blocking glasses, you can enjoy your screen time and preserve your eyesight.

Protect your eyes with TR90 Blue Light reduction glasses.

These glasses are stylish and lightweight enough to wear all day without even noticing they're on your face. They are made using patented flexible materials that are extremely durable.




These blue light reducing lenses are perfect for teenagers, students, drivers, gamers, middle-aged and elderly people to protect their eyes.

Continual use of our eyeglasses can effectively relieve eye fatigue, sour distension, interference, blurred vision.

Lightweightprotect the eye from damaging light rays. You can wear them all day and it feels It is a perfect gift for you and your friends, and also fit for all occasions.



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