Apple Macbook Pro 17 inch 2.4GHz i7 MD311LL/A Late 2011

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List price: $1,999.00
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Late 2011 17" Apple Macbook Pro 2.4GHz i7 

Macbook Pro 17-inch 2011 i7 MD311LL/A  A1297 (EMC 2564)


The last and most desirable 17" (MD311LL/A Late 2011) Apple produced. The 17-inch Macbook Pro models were a huge hit due to their massive screen space. This Mac has been fully upgraded with 16GB of RAM and a customizable drive capacity. This is the LAST and HIGHEST Upgraded Macbook Pro 17 inch with a 2.4GHz i7 with Turbo-Boost to 3.5GHz i7, 16GB RAM, and customizable drive capacity. This Mac is the last of the 17-inch generation ending in 2012. 

This model is powered by a "Quad-Core" 32 nm, 64-bit Intel Mobile Core i7 "Sandy Bridge" (I7-2860QM) processor which includes four independent processor "cores" on a single silicon chip. Each core has a dedicated 256k level 2 cache, shares 8 MB of level 3 cache, and has an integrated memory controller (dual channel).

This Macbook Pro 17" system also supports "Turbo Boost 2.0" -- which "automatically increases the speed of the active cores" to improve performance when needed (up to 3.5 GHz for this model) -- and "Hyper Threading" -- which allows the system to recognize eight total "cores" or "threads" (four real and four virtual).

We clean and triple check all Macs before shipping to assure you are 100% happy with your purchase. Each Macbook comes with an authentic Apple Magsafe 85w power adapter. This Mac comes with a 90-Day SafeTech Warranty, which can be upgraded to 3-years and to include accidental damage at SafeTech Warranty. 

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Quad Core i7
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  • 2011
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  • 17 Inch
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