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Apple's Refurbished iMac 27"

Apple's 27-inch iMac lineup is a range of desktop computers that offer powerful performance, stunning displays, and a sleek, modern design. The iMac 27-inch is perfect for professionals who need a high-performance machine for tasks such as video editing, 3D rendering, and music production.

One of the standout features of the 27-inch iMac is its Retina 5K display, which offers breathtaking detail and clarity. With a resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels, the Retina 5K display is perfect for tasks that require precise color accuracy and sharp, detailed images, such as photo and video editing.

In addition to its stunning display, the 27-inch iMac is also equipped with powerful processors and graphics cards, making it well-suited for demanding workflows. It is available in a range of configurations, including options with 8-core, 10-core, and even 18-core Intel Xeon processors. The 27-inch iMac is also available with a variety of graphics options, including AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards with up to 16GB of memory.

Reasons to Buy a Refurbished 27" iMac

If you're considering purchasing a 27-inch iMac, you may also want to consider a refurbished model. Techable.com offers a range of refurbished 27-inch iMacs that have been fully tested and certified. These refurbished models offer excellent value for money and are a great way to get a high-quality iMac at a lower price.

Purchasing a refurbished iMac 27 has a number of advantages, including the potential to have a positive impact on the environment. Here are a few reasons why buying a refurbished iMac is a sustainable choice:

  1. Reduced resource use: Manufacturing a new product requires a significant amount of resources, including energy, water, and raw materials. When you purchase a refurbished iMac, you are using a product that has already been made, which means fewer resources were used in its production. This can help to reduce your carbon footprint and minimize your impact on the environment.

  2. Reduced e-waste: Electronic waste (e-waste) is a growing problem, with millions of tons of discarded electronics ending up in landfills each year. By purchasing a refurbished iMac, you are helping to reduce the amount of e-waste that is generated. Refurbished iMacs are recycled and reused, which means they don't contribute to the growing problem of e-waste.

  3. Longer lifespan: Refurbished iMacs have often been used for a short period of time before being returned or traded in, which means they still have a lot of life left in them. By purchasing a refurbished iMac, you are helping to extend its lifespan and get the most out of the resources that went into its production.

  4. Cost savings: In addition to the environmental benefits, purchasing a refurbished iMac can also save you money. Refurbished iMacs are often significantly cheaper than brand-new models, which means you can get a high-quality machine at a lower price.


Buying a refurbished 27 iMac is a sustainable choice that can have a positive impact on the environment. By reducing resource use, reducing e-waste, and extending the lifespan of the product, refurbished iMacs can help to minimize their impact on the planet. Plus, with the added benefit of cost savings, a refurbished iMac is a smart choice for anyone looking to purchase a new computer.

The 27-inch iMac is a powerful and versatile desktop computer that is perfect for professionals who need a high-performance machine for demanding tasks. With its stunning Retina 5K display and powerful processors and graphics, the 27-inch iMac is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a top-of-the-line desktop computer.