Apple Macbook Pro Laptop 15-inch 2012 2.3Ghz - 3.3Ghz Core i7 MD103LL/A

Apple Macbook Pro Laptop 15-inch 2012 2.3Ghz - 3.3Ghz Core i7 MD103LL/A

You save: $400.00
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Apple Macbook Pro Laptop 15-inch 2012 2.3Ghz - 3.3Ghz Core i7 MD103LL/A

You save: $400.00

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Apple Macbook Pro 15" 2.3GHz i7

Specs & Identifiers: MacBook Pro - MD103LL/A - MacBookPro9,1 - A1286


One of Apple's best-selling Macs of all time featuring all of the ports you need plus a CD/DVD Drive. The 2012 Macbook Pro 15 inch models are often considered the best value in the Macbook Pro lineup.

This 15-inch Macbook Pro features a POWERFUL Quad-Core 2.3GHz i7 with turbo-boosts to 3.3 GHz.They feature all of the ports you'll ever need including 2x USB 3.0, FireWire, Thunderbolt, and a CD/DVD drive built-in!  

This Mac also features a dedicated graphics processor to handle videos, games, and everything else with a breeze. Having a second GPU prevents demanding tasks from bogging down speeds and is ideal for photography, coding, video editing, and gaming! 

Upgrade your Mac to the specs of your needs. Configure your RAM up to 16GB and your storage drive all the way up to 2TB SSD

Each Macbook Pro battery is fully tested and we guarantee it to have an excellent charge and be over 85% of full capacity mAh!  Each Mac comes with an authentic Apple 85w Magsafe power supply.

Storage Options

 HDD - Rotational Disk that writes data - Slowest Loads Speed

SSHD - Combination of HDD + SSD - Medium Load Speed

SSD - Fastest & Most Reliable Flash Storage - Fastest Load Speed

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General Information

Display :
Graphics Card(s):
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M
Quad Core i7
Processor Speed:
  • 2012
Screen Size:
  • 15 Inch
Up to 2TB
Storage Type:


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