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Are you looking for a Macbook Pro that doesn't break the bank? specializes in providing the highest quality Macbook Pro that our trained Apple specialists refurbish. 

There are many places to buy Macbook Pro online, and many pretend to know what they are working with. Would you buy a car at the same place you buy your groceries? was created to help people understand the differences in Macbook Pro models in order to make an educated buying decision while buying a used MacBook Pro for sale.

The MacBook Pro is great for professionals and power users featuring the newest generations of Intel core, M1, M1 Pro chip,  M1 Pro Max, and M2 processors. We have a wide variety of processors ranging from intel core i5, i7, & i9. Display size options include 13-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch, 16-inch, and 17-inch screen sizes. The display comes in both retina display and non-retina displays.

Is it worth buying a Refurbished MacBook Pro?

Still thinking if you bought a used MacBook Pro, is worth it? Do the older models have what it takes? For whatever reason - if you’re planning to buy a secondhand MacBook Pro, then we got you covered. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Difference between the Refurbished and the New MacBook Pro?

Refurbished MacBook Pros are cheaper

One of the most common reasons people turn to refurbished MacBook Pros is their price. At one-fourth, half, or even more, depending on the make or model, refurbished MacBooks are a steal. The likelihood of buying a Refurbished MacBook Pro just a few weeks after its release is unlikely, so don’t expect these on the market for some time. It could take months or even a year before it is available as a refurbished MacBook Pro.

More choices for Refurbished MacBook Pros

Refurbished MacBook Pros come in all shapes, models, sizes, and prices. While the newest MacBook Pros only come in three or more versions, older MacBook Pro models give you countless options. Some stores, such as ours, also provide the option of upgrading hardware components (storage, processor, RAM), making your choices almost limitless.

Why Buy a Refurbished MacBook Pro?

Low Price Deal

The biggest advantage of buying a used MacBook Pro is its affordable price. One good thing about Apple laptops is it takes years before they launch an entirely new laptop. Buying a three-year-old MacBook Pro, for example, would not be too far off in terms of performance from its newer siblings.

All the parts are checked, and defective parts replaced

A major concern among refurbished product buyers is that these are secondhand and cheap, and the owner has decided to sell them because they may be defective. But there are many more reasons why MacBook Pros end up in refurbished stores other than being defective. Some return their laptops or gadgets because they decided to exercise their consumer rights or simply wanted something different and sold it to the store.

Buying a refurbished MacBook Pro comes with a major advantage compared to getting it from a previous owner. Techable, for example, checks the MacBook Pro for any defect and replaces parts if necessary. The laptop is also physically cleaned, and all previous data from the first owner is swiped clean.

These used MacBook Pros come with a warranty

At best, buying a secondhand MacBook Pro from its previous owner gives you some protection with what is left of its original warranty. But if the MacBook Pro is one year or older, the warranty would likely expire. 

Warranties can run from a few months to a year, depending on where you purchase your refurbished MacBook Pro. This gives you enough time to put the laptop into its paces and return it for any defects. Rest assured, you get a 30-day return and a 90-Day Warranty with each Mac. We also offer up to a 3-year Macbook Pro warranty from our partner SafeTechWarranty, giving you full peace of mind. 

Used MacBook Pros can be as fast or even faster than newer models

Even a MacBook Pro one or two generations older can still keep up or even be faster than some of its newer counterparts. This is possible because aside from the Central Processing Unit (CPU), other components such as the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), Random Access Memory (RAM), and storage could also speed up an old laptop.

Just like buying a new MacBook, you can choose which hardware you could include in your laptop. The good news is that even with the upgrades, this will not be as expensive as a newer laptop.

Benefits to buying a Refurbished MacBook Pro from Techable

Value for money - You get huge discounts. Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your next MacBook Pro. With our refurbished MacBook Pros, you have a wide selection of laptops with different price points and specs.

Fully inspected – all our MacBook Pros are thoroughly inspected by certified technicians, ensuring your laptop is in pristine working condition when it reaches your home. Each MacBook Pro is fully tested and made sure that these are fully functional and meet/exceed industry standards. During the refurbishment process, we stress testing every Macbook Pro to ensure they are fully functional and meet modern standards. Each component is tested to ensure